Wired or Wireless Earphones – What to Choose?

Earphones are some of the most useful gadgets in our daily lives. They are like our best friends while travelling, and we love using them to just stay alone with our thoughts. Nowadays people prefer wireless earphones and phone manufacturers are also removing 3.5 mm jack from the phones they produce. But still, if you ask which are better? It’ll be really difficult to compare and decide only one because both are useful in different scenarios. We can compare them under below categories:

1. Voice quality at the same price: If you compare any wired earphones with wireless below $30, you will notice a much better quality in wired earphones in comparison to their wireless counterparts.

2. Battery: Wired earphones have no issue related to battery whereas with wireless you have to charge them after some time.

3. Electric shock or electrocution: With wired earphones, the chances of electric shock are much higher in comparison to wireless, especially when your phone is charging.
That’s why it is better to use wireless earphones in that case.

4. Climate: In hot climate, whether the earphones are wired or wireless, they’re all uncomfortable. Especially neckbands, because sweat at neck makes it really irritating to wear such earphones.

5. Connection Time: Connection time of wired earphones is faster than connecting wireless ones. Although Bluetooth is very fast nowadays, some phones and some wireless earphones still face compatibility issues and take time to get detected, whereas with wired, you have to just put the pin in jack, and you are good to go.

So, in conclusion both types of earphones have they pros and cons depending on the situation and your preferences. Regardless of what your choice would be, you can find high-quality earphones of both types here.

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